Tips on Wearing a Strapless Gown

Strapless gowns are all over the place for formal affairs, mainly because they can be so drop-dead gorgeous. A few tips from the Chic Stories site can help you stay drop-dead gorgeous in a strapless gown instead of succumbing to a faux pas that makes you want to drop dead.

Check the fit. More than one celebrity has already showed the nation what can happen when a strapless gown doesn’t fit. The crowd can be exposed to an X-rated show. The gown’s bodice may be the most important aspect for the fit, but the rest of the dress should be equally as fitting.

Check the bodice’s fit by stretching your arms toward the ceiling to make sure the dress stays in place. Bend over and do the same. You want a top that is form-fitting, but neither too loose nor too tight or you’ll spend your entire evening annoyingly adjusting it.

 Get a strapless bra. A formal strapless gown is not the place to play around with trying to tuck your bra straps in the sides or hoping no one will notice if you go braless when you really shouldn’t. Find a strapless bra that works with the specific cut and thickness of the dress, performing the same fit test you did for the bodice.

A strapless gown lets your shoulders and neck shine, so don’t hide them with tons of bulky jewelry. An appropriate necklace, a good fit, and an equally good bra are your keys to rocking a strapless gown.

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